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Linux Terminal for Beginners

Learn Linux and Supercharge Your IT Career

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What you will learn

  • Use the Linux Command Line
  • Control the Linux File System
  • Manipulate Data from the Shell
  • Control Processes
  • Control System Users
  • Install Software from the Terminal
  • Connect to the Internet
  • A few tricks


Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world, it is at heart of the Internet and computing. Learn the basic Linux commands you need to succeed 

If you are in IT, you are really missing out if you don’t learn the Linux terminal. Billions of servers, embedded systems and super computers use Linux. So, don’t be left behind!

At the end of this course, you will be able to use Linux Terminal Commands.

All course updates are 100% FREE. Buy this course once and own it for life. You will have Linux support: You can ask me direct questions.

Wait, are you still reading this?! The course comes with a genuine 30 day, no hassles, money-back guarantee. So, there is absolutely nothing to risk here. Enroll today!

Language: English


Starting Linux

  • Course Overview
  • What is Linux
  • Overview: Start a Linux system
  • Option 1: Access a terminal emulator on Web or Android device
  • (Optional) Option 2: Install Ubuntu Linux in Virtual Box or PC
  • Quiz: Introduction

File Management

  • Current directory
  • Change directory
  • List files and folders
  • File
  • Create new directory
  • Deleting files and folders
  • Show file contents
  • Copy files
  • Rename files
  • Disk Use
  • Searching for a file
  • Quiz: File Systems

Text Fu

  • Redirect operator
  • Pipe operator
  • Environment variables
  • Head and Tail
  • Sort
  • Nano
  • Emacs
  • Quiz: Text Fu

Process Management

  • Show processes
  • Process Management with TUI
  • Terminate unresponsive programs
  • Quiz: Processes

Network and Internet

  • Network devices and connectivity
  • Wireless networks
  • Quiz: Networking

Package management

  • Apt-get (Debian and Ubuntu Linux)
  • Zip and unzip
  • Create a tar archive
  • Create a tar.gz archive
  • Extract tar and tar.gz archives
  • Quiz: Packages

User Management

  • Add user
  • Change your password
  • Super Powers
  • Quiz: Users

Bonus: Tricks

  • Show system information
  • Show previous commands
  • Stopwatch
  • Bash Scripting

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