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FREE Writing Courses From REPUTABLE Freelance Writers 2022

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you probably know by now that freelance writing is still one of the in-demand freelance jobs at the moment.

Seeing that it’s an in-demand job, it can be tempting to get into it right away without any training. I recommend training though. Why? Cause it will save you time  – it will possibly reduce your learning curve by half.

And luckily today, I’m talking about FREE courses. And not just any free course. The courses I’m recommending today have been created by reputable and successful freelance writers. Let’s get into it yes?

1. Get Paid to Write by Elna Cain

In her free course, Elna Cain explains that no one ever taught her how to write. She began off as newbie but in a few months, she was making over $1,000 by writing part-time for individuals and businesses. In less than 6 months, she had so much work to do that she had to turn some of it down!

In her course, she starts by talking about the importance of carving out a niche for yourself. Decide what you want to write about instead of writing about everything under the sun. She makes a quick note:  Don’t be afraid to change your niche later if you need to.

She also talks about the importance of having samples and how to best write them, how to get great paying clients, how to prove your worth, acquire referrals and have clients looking for you instead of you having to look for clients all the time.

Attitude, she adds, is critical in writing.

You need to have the right mindset before you can solve your clients’ problems.

Towards the end of the course, you will learn how to find jobs on both free and paid job boards. In what I would call a bonus, she will guide you on the dreaded act of pitching. There’s lots of sauce in her free course! Sign up for it now!

2. Make Money Freelance Writing by Jorden Roper

Jorden is the type of lady who gives it to you straight! She states that she made $800 in her first month of full-time freelance writing.

Four months later, her earnings were up to over $5,000 per month. Interesting, huh? She lets you know exactly how she did that in her free course.

Just like Elna, Jorden insists that one of the key things that every writer needs to work on is their attitude. She goes on to state that you shouldn’t just call yourself a “writer”. Rather, say you own a content writing and marketing business.

Second, Roper suggests that freelance writers start their own sites. I have talked about why you should have a site in most of my posts and you can start yours easily by following this tutorial.

Third, she talks about marketing. She highly recommends LinkedIn followed by Problogger, as platforms where freelance writers can get work.

Going through her free ecourse, it is clear that she loathes content mills. She cements her hate for Fiver, Upwork and other content mills, which she terms as a waste of time.

She also covers the very important topic on how to price your freelance writing services, followed by why cold pitching/emailing are her best and fastest ways of landing clients. You can sign up for her free ecourse here.

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3. Become a Freelance SEO Writer by Yuwanda 

I don’t know why but the term SEO sounds so techy and complicated. In reality, it’s pretty simple. SEO is simply making your site more visible to search engines.

For example, if someone searches for  ‘free freelance writing courses’ on Google, this blog post will likely be in the search results.

Over to Yuwanda’s free course.

She starts us off by expounding on what SEO means and what it entails. In the second lesson, she narrates her journey into the SEO world. She talks about 7 factors that determine your success as an SEO writer.

I will mention three: your marketing ability, your writing ability and the scope of services that offer. The other four you can read in her free course.

Unlike Roper, she doesn’t hate Upwork. In fact, she reveals that it was through the platform that she rose to a six figure freelance writer in just one-and-a-half years.

Deeper into the course, she explains how social media and cold pitching can be means of getting clients.

Other juicy lessons in Yuwanda’s course include the skills and qualifications needed to become a pro-SEO writer. There are also the mistakes you need to avoid, how to deal with the fear of tech and proper use of “SEO language.”

The highlight of her free course is the number of interviews she has done with top freelance SEO writers. There are so many insights that you can glean from the interviews.

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4. Freelance Writer’s Starter Pack by Walter Akolo

Walter is one of the most popular freelancers in Kenya. He cuts his niche in writing, blogging, and freelance training. He has created a free ecourse in which he helps budding writers understand the ins and outs of freelance writing.

In his free ecourse, he talks about several things such as pricing, selling of writing accounts and how to write like a pro.

When it comes to pricing, Walter states that if you quote too low, well-paying clients will not bother to read your pitch or application, (on Upwork and other freelancing sites) because as far as they are concerned, cheap is expensive. Learn how to price yourself wisely.

He also highlights places where freelance writers can acquire clients. In yet another lesson, Walter sensitizes newbie writers on the issue of buying and/or selling writing accounts. Did you know that purchased accounts can be terminated as soon the owners realize that the accounts are bought it? It’s a risky affair. More on that in his course.

There are also testimonials from top writers who have made it in the writing industry.

As you can see, you don’t have to wait on the sidelines if you are itching to start a freelance writing career. These FREE freelance writing courses are enough to not only help you put your foot in the door, but in fact, the whole damn leg!

Brian Murutu

My name is Brian Murutu an ICT Specialist, full-time freelancer and founder of Cyberlion Technologies. I have been a very successful Article Writer for over 3 years, working for individuals all over the world. Since I started writing, I have been spending every spare minute writing articles for blogs, and learning everything on article & blog post writing. I’m a versatile writer who can combine my understanding of the industry with what your readers really want. I can help meet your content needs. I always aim to maintain a long term relationship with my clients. Hire me & you won't regret.

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